Mouse didn’t quite expect a noise like that either as he promptly jerked his head up and jumped back a pace from where he originally stood. The dormouse blinked and shook his head a little like a wet dog. “Whoa! .. hehe .. That’s a .. quite a set a lungs ya got there, mate” he mused to the lion plushie with a small smile as he lightly dug his pinky into one of his large, round ears to stop some of the ringing.

It was at that moment that he heard Flip’s yelp from across the room as she fell backwards, causing a sudden shower of some of her golden pixie dust to spread through out the space. The rodent sprite couldn’t help but look about at the sparkly show. That is … until he began to feel his foot paws leaving the floor. “Hmm!” he muttered to himself before looking down, seeing that he was no longer earthbound … and neither was anyone else within the cabin. He floated up just a couple of feet in the air and instinctively started to flap his arms a bit in order to regain some balance. “Um! … Ok .. Then that happened” the piebald sprite mused as he simply sat there in the empty air.

It wasn’t long before the magic had lost it’s juice and everyone once again had their feet planted to the wooden floor. With their little missionary work now complete and the proper repairs and patch ups given to all the toys that needed it, Mouse shut his eyes as he stretched out his back and arms after he finished putting his tools away. He flinched a bit in surprise as Flip came up to him to thank him and patted his back mid yawn. 

"Nah! It’s nothin’ really. No sweat. Just glad I could …" he then suddenly trailed off after he heard her say who it was they were going to see next.

"S.. Santa Claus?! … Ya mean Father Christmas?! With the red coat, white beard, an’ bowl full a jelly! That Santa?!" Mouse stammered in an excited tone just as any child … or any believer … would. With a new spring in his step, it didn’t take very long for the furry, little Steampunk sprite to get back into his somewhat tight, clumpy snow suit. 

As they both finished getting ready, Mouse could hear what sounded like barking from just outside the cabin door. Quirking a brow, he scampered on all fours over to the window to investigate. Taking a breath, he blew on a spot on the glass and used his sleeve to rub away the frosty fog that clouded up his view. Through the clear spot, he could see a team of dogs hitched up to a nicely made sled. 

"Hey! Is .. Is that for us?" he curiously inquired as he looked back to Flip.

A broad grin stretched over the Fairy’s sharp teeth, and a merry twinkle flashed in her eyes. There was nothing quite so energizing as basking in the glow of another being’s excitement. She reached a hand out to Mouse’s shoulder and tugged a zipper more tightly into place before answering. Once the chill of the northern winds got into your bones, it was tough to ease out.

"Of course it is. It’s much more fun to sled through the snow than fly, and these fellas don’t get much opportunity to run around unless the Elves are going out." she replied, nuzzling against one of the animal’s furry cheeks. "Have a seat? I’ll steer if you don’t mind. I know where we’re going, after all."

The newly repaired toy citizens bowed their thanks in unison and opened up the door for the tinkerer and the Fairy. The driving snow pushed hard into the room, but the toys hardly seemed to mind, simply shrugging and fetching brooms to sweep it out upon the exit of their guests.

"Don’t forget to let Mr. Bear know that you can be added to the gift roster for this coming Christmas!” Flip called out through the howls of the heavy weather.

She would wait for Mouse to become comfortably settled before signaling the take-off. The puppies barked happily and dug into the snow bank to shoot forward to their destination. At first, nothing could be seen though the screen of snowflakes. Close on twenty minutes went by with no visible way to tell if the pair were headed in the right direction, but Flip didn’t seem too perturbed. The speed and adrenaline were far too exciting to worry… until a heavy BOOM crashed directly beside the sled, showering the puppies in a tidal wave of snow. Thankfully, they were JUST able to slide out of the way.

"Huh. Looks like the abominable snowman is out. I don’t suppose you have any explosives on you? They’re easily distracted by bright, shiny things, but if I fire off Magics in the snow, they’ll be able to follow the trail of light right to us!" Flip called out through the roar of the wind.

"You’re a first class fire demon, I like your spark!"

"You’re a first class fire demon, I like your spark!"

In Which the Sky Creatures Collide



It would be a moment or so before the pair made it to the aforementioned destination. Flip pondered over the idea of Dove having a look around, not entirely sure it he’d meant her home or the Forest in general. He hadn’t any kind of a hostile note in his tone, though being unable to read his Heart Signature left an awful lot up to chance. The staircase seemed to go on quite a while; longer than the tree was tall, it almost appeared.

"I suppose it could be alright for you to stick around a bit, so long as you don’t mean any harm to the creatures living here-abouts." she replied at length.

One room stood open a crack. Soft light shifted around the interior to cast unusual shapes upon the floor as they passed, and Flip found herself back-stepping a bit to push it open a bit more.

"Potions Room." the Fairy stated with a nod. "I keep a great deal more in my Storage Grotto under the tree, but it’s always convenient to have a few necessities up top, don’t you find?"

She rustled about a set of crooked shelves, carefully stepping around a large cauldron inset into the floor, until she found a twisted phial which put off a pleasant magenta glow. The walls around caught its light to reveal many hanging herbs, tacked up papers of an ancient variety, and containers of every kind stacked in precarious towers.

"This is a pleasant sort of honeysuckle raspberry combination Gibble." she explained brightly. "This will be the base for the brew, rather than water."

She bowed and gestured back to the door so they might continue up another three floors, soon wincing an apology.

"You’ll have to forgive the house. Sometimes the rooms rearrange themselves when they get bored or irritated. I have a feeling they might be cross with me because I was foolish enough to try getting the chores done while the tree was sleeping. It doesn’t like to be dusted or mopped on the BEST of days, let alone when it’s slumbering." she sighed, now throwing wide a set of giant pewter double doors.

The library sprawled large and inviting before them. The space of the home was clearly enchanted to be able to display such an area. It was several levels high and opened up quite wide. Several overstuffed chairs peppered the floor, accompanied by ottomans and floating tables, seemingly eager to be put to use.

Flip pulled one of them close and carved a small symbol into the wood with a talon. She papped her hand down on the surface when it was completed and spawned a delicate black and purple teapot. She lifted it and set a flame in one hand while the other poured the bottle of Gibble into the top. Once it had heated to a boil, the Sprite sprinkled several tea leaves from a nearby box into a sift and lowered it into the liquid.

"Have a seat, hm?" she offered.

Rain began to patter against a large window as Flip poured the cups and passed one to her guest. Surely it was invisible from the outside, but the view was pleasant enough. One could see a great deal of the lush landscape from here.

"Will you tell me more about your adventures?"

"As I’ve mentioned before, I have no interest in harming any creatures. I’d only be a shame to mess with such magical life, and gains me nothing but trouble. Of course if it eases your worries, I will not venture anywhere without your supervision. Frankly I think it would be better for you to guide me around and explain things as it’s all new to me and I don’t wish to cause accidents."

So far, following a longwinded staircase after Flip posed no trouble at all for the demon. While he may not quite seem like it, his body housed a lot more stamina than was usual for humans. Then again he was a demon with just a human disguise. One would be surprised how different he truly was from them, even if he looked like them. Add to that his curiosity and the chance to see so many new things at once, and there was simply no space for weariness.

As such you couldn’t really blame him for giving his eyes a good look around the potion room the sprite introduced him to. He followed her every movement from the corner of his eyes as well however, noting how she pulled out a vial with a magenta glow and explained its contents. “I see~” was answered in an equally bright tone, while he nodded in understanding. “Admittedly while I am familiar with magic, I have only ever molded the raw magic from my own core, potions and their necessity are rather new to me in that sense. But it certainly all looks very interesting, possibly useful, yes.”

What perhaps drew his attention even more was the huge library however. Once guided inside, ruby hues instantly went out to the idea of many books, his mind curious to know what could be found inside those kept by faes. They likely held many secrets he would have never even thought existed. But first, he would settle down in one of the chairs, making himself comfortable and gratefully accepting the cup offered to him by the sprite. Despite the gloomy weather, the view was remarkable to the demon, and he easily felt welcome and at home here.

Flip’s request was considered in silence for a moment, a soft smile forming on Dove’s lips. While in thought, his eyes shifted to the cup of tea in his hands, a thumb trailing over the ear absentmindedly, and then he returned his attention to the fairy once more. “Of course I will gladly tell you more of my adventures. I’ve had many in my time however; is there anything more specific you’d like to hear about, or shall I just start somewhere?”

The Fairy dipped a talon into her own cup of tea to trigger a miniature hurricane to better stir the beverage. She could appreciate a spoon, of course, but she was often amused by her own powers; even after all these centuries. She pondered over the question of Dove’s adventure timeline. Surely he was not a young creature. It was hard to put a stamp on a specific event as she’d only just met him a short while earlier, but she remembered his mentioning a person he’d looked over as per the terms of a contract. That seemed as good a place to start as any.

"Tell me about your summoning. How are you pulled from one location to another when that sort of thing is incited? I’ve never been forced into a guardianship, so this sort of arrangement is new to me." she replied at length.

Outside, the storm built up a bit more angrily. Down in the magical garden below, the seasons became more apparent in the sectioned areas. In the winter quarter, the rain poofed itself into flurries of snow, or touched down to spread icy veins over the ground; in the summer section, it simply hissed against the barren, cracked soil and caused the brittle plants to balk away from the unwanted moisture; spring plants seemed to swell and revel in the refreshing shower; and autumn bulbs and flora only sleepily acknowledged the change in weather.

Several books peeked out from their shelves, as though interested in what the Demon had to say. They rustled their pages to whisper in a means of communication to one another, as though debating who might have a free page or two in order to document the wonders of his life. One in particular fluttered itself close and began to bloom a picture of Dove over a free leaflet within itself.

"How rude! You have to ASK if you want to draw someone! Don’t be creepy!" Flip admonished.

The book snapped shut and fell to the floor in shame. After a moment, it slowly shuffled closer to nude Dove’s foot, as though to ask if it were alright.

"That’s better. We have manners in this house, such as they are." the Sprite sighed in an apologetic tone.


Babe did you fall from heaven bc you seem to be a chaotic ever shifting sphere of eyes & wings making a sound not of this earth and I’m kind of hoping God sent you because this is terrifying

Agatha walked up to the large tree and the small door. She frowned and sighed before moving her hands in a complicated pattern and subtly pricking her finger in her pocket. She began to shrink till she was a size acceptable enough to knock on the door. Fae realms were always so unpredictable, one door could lead you in and the exit could lead you in again in a different size. Some realms granted omniscience to the owner, some just granted piece of mind, others nothing. She grimaced & knocked.

It was a very good thing indeed that she’d given way to the courtesy of knocking. The house seemed to remember her, which was the only reason she might have seen the door without the Fairy herself guiding her in. Even so, there was something decidedly less ethereal about the tree itself; almost as if the nutrients were missing. It had become a dull husk without the driving force of Flip’s Magics to keep it lively.

Something had drained her quite a bit. When she answered the door, her pallor was dulled to a near grey as opposed to her normal vibrant lavender tones.

"Long time no see, ah?"

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*knock knock* On the other side of Flip's gnarled wooden door, was her ward, soaking wet under the rain that drizzled all over her glade. His lip quivering, he was so anxious to meet her again for so long, so anxious that he felt he could melt right at the spot. Yet he also felt excitement like never before. It also had been a long time since he got excited like this.



Surely it wouldn’t be the kind of greeting he might have expected. By now, her energy was so drained from the recent Super Moon combined with the constant pull from another ongoing Spell, that her color had faded to nearly grey. Still, she managed a weak smile and embraced the boy shortly… before collapsing to the ground.

The Fairy was still breathing, but she was beyond the point of exhaustion.

His eyes widening in horror, Markie’s initial thought was that of panic, but seconds later, he, too felt inexplicably queasy. He was not sure why his beloved guardian collapsed; however, rather than fix himself and worry about details, he had to do something fast.

Now Sugar Rush racers were for all purposes intended, children, however, they possess some degree of strength that can be comparable as super human by normal human standards. Wiping his fearful expression of his face, he slung his unconscious guardian’s arms over his shoulders and with a heave, proceeded to drag her along her house’s floor. She was heavy as an adult indeed (prompting the boy to shiver that she might be able to read his thoughts) but nevertheless, he was able to carry her across her living room and prop her to the her spacious leaf couch.

After all has been done, fatigue quickly set in the little boy’s body and found himself about to collapse in turn, but not before intentionally turning back to face his guardian and allowing her arms to wrap around his head. With the last ounce of strength, he rested his arms around her waist and lost consciousness soon after.

How much time had passed? The darkness was disorienting for a brief period as the Sprite weakly fluttered her eyelids open as much as she could manage. It did not take long for her sharp eyes to adjust to the near pitch black of the sitting room. Normally it would have been brightly illuminated by the lighting orbs, but without her energy to power them, they were little more than deflated grey balloons scattered along the floor.

Flip could feel the shallow breath of her Ward huffing lightly against her stomach and it became apparent all at once what had transpired. One eyebrow quirked in quiet wonder at how he’d managed to drag her all the way to the sitting room when she’d collapsed. The crystal beneath her skin, though undetectable to feel when she’d regrown her lavender epidermis, made the Sprite much heavier than she might appear.

She wound her fingers into the boy’s hair for comfort and rubbed the opposite hand over his back in hopes to revive him as gently as possible.

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Hmmm… I can’t pull any immediate characters to mind as favorites, but let’s say Leslie from Bridge to Terabithia. She made everything around her better for having been close to her, and SPOILER, she falls in a creek and drowns.

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There is an Eeyore keychain that one of my little brothers bought me with his own money when he was four. He knew that I loved Eeyore and asked if he could have a tiny allowance if he helped dry dishes and rake leaves. He worked hard to get a few dollars to buy it for me <3

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A few years ago, I might have said Freakazoid, Alpha 5, or Johnny 5 (lol they are both fives), but I’ve gotten pretty attached to the King Candy that I RP with. Let’s go with that.

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Right now, probably Code Monkey by Johnathon Coulton

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Nah. I love my OCs. Wait. I take that back. When Frizz was still in the development stage, he was a sidekick called Hammerhead and he couldn’t speak. He could only do wild screams. And his hair was stupid. He’s been through probably 5 revisions to get to where he is today. Now he has snazzy dreads, a peacekeeper personality, and is a top class Healer. Long road behind him.

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Hold my baby. Time to suit up.

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I don’t really get heavily invested, usually. So I just tell everyone that my OTP is Gonzo and Camilla. I have one other, being honest. I’m not proud, neither am I ashamed: Hiei and Kurama.

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Pie. I will destroy some pie and not register that I’ve consumed way too many calories.

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Right now a big one is when people walk up and try to tell me how to raise my baby. You’d be shocked about how much unwanted advice people try to cram down your throat.

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inbox me a fairy tale
Snow White: Do you consider yourself pretty?
Sleeping Beauty: How many hours do you sleep each night?
Cinderella: Do you have a curfew?
Rapunzel: Do you like being outside?
Little Red Riding Hood: Do you trust strangers easily?
The Wolf and the seven little Goats: Are you easily fooled?
The Seven Ravens: Do you have any siblings? How is your relationship to them?
Beauty and the Beast: What makes a person beautiful in your eyes?
The Little Mermaid: What sacrifice would you bring for love?
The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting?
Jack and the Beanstalk: What plants are in your room?
Puss in Boots: Do you have a pet? Do you want one?
Rumpelstiltskin: What is the meaning of your url?
Bluebeard: Name one character flaw!
Pinocchio: What is your greatest wish?
Peter Pan: What is your (mental) age?
The Star Money: What is your most prized possession?
Golden Mary and Pitch Mary: Are you more of a lazy person or do you work hard?
The Snow Queen: Who is your best friend and what would you do for them?
Godfather Death: What qualities do you think make a good parent?
The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Do you like to go on parties?
The Emperor's New Clothes: Do you care much about your clothes?
The Valiant Little Tailor: Do you think of yourself as brave?
The Princess and the Pea: Are you a squeamish person?