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Lindsey Stirling takes an unsuspecting crowd on a spontaneous steampunk pirate adventure in her new video,”Master of Tides.” 
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Mouse couldn’t help but blush lightly beneath the fine black and white fur on his face at hearing the fairy’s explanation for giving him a wish. “We .. Well, it’s nothin’ really there, Ms. Flip. Just happy I was able ta help out at all” he responded with a shy, toothy grin as he scratched the back of his leather cap. But the moment didn’t last too long as he noticed the lion plushie come up to him and he immediately snapped out of his brief stupor.

Clearing his throat a little, the spunky sprite walked right up to the mute toy, which was about the same height as he was. Although he couldn’t speak, the lion was still able to communicate to the dormouse and pointed out the zipper that was nearly hidden underneath his soft, synthetic fur. Mouse tilted his head a bit and perked as his minor problem of how to get at the possibly damaged voice box was quickly solved. “Ah! I see it know. No worries there, mate. I’ll have ya fixed up in no time flat” he piped as he patted the plushie’s shaggy head. With that, he moved to the toy’s side and gently unzipped it’s back. He then slipped his paw into the opening and began to feel for something that didn’t feel like stuffing. It didn’t take him too long.

"Aaaand … Aha! Here we go!" he chirped as he finally found what he was looking for. Slowly pulling out the voice box, he squints his eyes and turns the object this way and that between his fingers. The voice box was green in color and made out of plastic. It was sort of cup-shaped with a concave top with a series of holes and a bottom that had a small door where the batteries were kept. ‘Perhaps that’s what might be the trouble’ the rodent thought to himself as he picked out a screwdriver from Flip’s tool bag and used it to open up the small hatch.

But as he did that, Mouse noticed something odd. The batteries inside were fine and were the right type, but there seemed to be something clogging up the holes on the other side of the box. Little white hairs were poking out from some of the holes and upon closer inspection, it seemed there was a good sized amount of toy stuffing caught in the other side of the box. “Well no wonder ya couldn’t say a word, you’ve actually gotta hairball stuck in your throat ….. sorta” he replied as he was able to rid out the extra, unwanted fluff.

"I could just put in a tiny, little filter behind these holes here. That way ya don’t have ta worry about getting anything stuck in there no more" he continued as he got to work on that task, which was thankfully quick and easy enough for him to do.

After several minutes, Mouse finally finished up the newly improved voice box and gently placed it back into the lion plushie. Hopping back a step with a slight smirk, the little tinkerer brushed his paws off a bit and gave the toy some space.

"Alright then, big guy. Now let’s see what you can do. Give me a roar …. roar like ya mean it" he gently coaxed the plushie with a playful challenge.

A small rumble bubbled in the lion’s throat as he reveled in the feeling of his functional voice box. It had always felt as though he’d suffered a terrible bout of laryngitis since he’d been sewn to life. This kind of relief was something new and wonderful. His belly swelled with breath and the lion let out a big, though adorable, roar. He looked back to Mouse for approval with a gleam of hope in his button eyes.

Flip hadn’t been expecting the noise, tuned out as she was working on patching a boat which had a difficult time floating, and she promptly fell over in surprise. A cloud of Fairy Dust sprinkled the room and caused the whole lot of beings inside to float.

"Bother. Sorry about that, ah?" she laughed in embarrassment.

Once gravity had settled back in, and the last of the toys had gotten their respective special care, Flip sat back and patted Mouse on the back, reveling in all the happy expressions of the grateful sentient toys.

"Ha! Job well done, Mouse! I think they’re ready to go! Whaddaya say we go let Santa Claus know? C’mon, get re-bundled; I’m sure he’d love to meet you!" she peeped merrily.

Just outside, several mechanical and stuffed puppies had gathered in front with a sled hitched up to their harnesses. They seemed to be offering a ride.


some forest sprite doodles from today.

I’m not used to being loved. I wouldn’t know what to do.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, More Than Just A House (via canhappenlove)



There are these little tiny fuzzy bugs that are flying around my pear tree and I kind of want to call them cute but I feel like the second I do someone’s gonna tell me they’re like the spawns of satan and they sting people and kill my trees

Nevermind they’re called “Woolly Aphids” and they’re literal fairies



I feel bad for calling them evil now they’re so frickin cute

In Which Flip Decides To Steal Another Child ((Closed RP With Silver Fillings))



"Ah…" Flip raised a finger to stop the girl from sampling the mud, but it was a bit too late. "Yes, that would be mud. Not particularly good to eat."

As the rain picked up and became heavier, Flip lowered her long ears to prevent water dripping in and retracted her wings into the slits of her back. The Fairy led the confused and frightened girl gently by the shoulders into the gnarled roots of an ancient tree with the word Archipelago carved into it.

"I dunno what you mean by dapper beast. The beasts round here aren’t particularly fancy. From the scent of you, I’d guess you’re from Sugar Rush, though. I have a Ward who lives there. Right now, you’re in the Everglade Forest. It’s a Sprite community in what I suppose a Game Character might call the… Player’s World? Yes." she informed the lass.

An intricately carved staircase led up into the base of the tree, where rooms would be passed, level by level. Potion storage, Gibble cupboards, library, Dream Observation rooms, and other such places could be seen through doors which were cracked open a fraction. Orbs of light fluttered here and there to illuminate the passageways, and it almost seemed as though fireflies were swirling all around the home. Wonky bottles and pictures sat on warped shelves all along the staircase, and seemed to turn and follow the visitor with interest.

"Oh. My name is Flip. Flip Frost. I am the resident Nightmare Hunter for this Kingdom. I corral the creatures which give people bad dreams. Rather, they EAT good dreams, and I make sure they don’t over-do it to drive folks crazy. The residue left behind after feeding is what seeps into your mind and… aha… never mind. What is your name?" Flip asked, making a small attempt to stop herself before she went to rambling on about minute details of the job.

At length, they arrived at a cozy little kitchen with dozens of carved out cabinets, a cast iron stove, and a scrubbed wooden table. Flip shooed the little girl to the table and called out for an enchanted cloth. One of the cabinets rattled briefly, and soon a floating washcloth burst forth and invaded the visitor’s personal bubble, magically cleaning and drying her of all the rain and mud on her person.

Flip seemed to dry almost instantly as well, by means of an effect of her Fairy Dust. She rummaged a bit and pulled out some pewter drinking mugs as a kettle floated over and settled on a sudden burst of flames from the stove. The Fairy settled the mugs on the table and set out a plate of Gibble infused cakes and apple pie muffins. When the kettle began to whistle, it floated over the table and Flip tapped a talon against the surface before gathering it up and tipping it over the mugs. Creamy hot chocolate and clumps of homemade marshmallows globbed out of the spout.

"Why do I get the feeling that you spend an awful lot of time running from giant creatures?" she chirped, pushing a mug closer to the girl. "Are you an adventuress?"

.: Silver followed the sprite into her home, slightly terrified and transfixed by her new surroundings all the while. This place was unlike the girl had ever seen, when Flip mentioned that she was in a place much like the Player world, she became even more curious, but masked it with a fear and pessimism. She couldn’t help but look around, at each and every room they passed and all the strange looking knick-knacks that seemed to move. Moving objects weren’t really a surprise to her, but it was the high definition of it all that fazed her something awful.

"Gosh how many frames per second does this place run, these graphics are amazing!"

Silver seemed to be even more interested in the mention of nightmares and ridding people of them.

"I have nightmares all the time…every night even."

Once the lass was invited to sit down she was instantly attacked by a washcloth. Flail and sputter she did, batting lightly at the cloth until it backed off. She was grateful to be clean, but didn’t expect to be attacked so abruptly by a wash rag, whom she gave a weary thanks to after the fact.

Once Flip began pour her a cup of hot cocoa Silver hungrily grabbed for it like a needy little child and thanked her, however, before indulging she snapped her head up at Flip’s remark.

"Yeah…Sugar Rush gained a new crowd of monster’s this pass year and a half…I dun know what happened but…it’s kinda spooky. I go on tons of adventures, everywhere, and see lots of things, and run into a lot of trouble.

Currently as of now I’m in deep sugar, I broke a deal with a really big thing and…he wants to kill me.”

She frowned, and lifted her mug taking a sip of the hot beverage as if it would mollify the paranoia welling up.

"Mmmm, this is good!

Needs a doughnut!”

Silver then tried to summon one in the marrow of her tiny palm, but nothing happened, not even a spark of pixels showed.


"You have nightmares EVERY night? That’s not a good sign." Flip muttered quietly, nibbling the end of one talon and casting her eyes off to one side.

The cleaning cloth shuffled itself off to the a laundry bin and fell limp as though drifting off to sleep. The Sprite shifted uncomfortably in her seat. It was a wonder that this girl could even function at all if she was tormented in her sleep without a break in the cycle. There were an awful lot of cabinets that were titled Sugar Rush in the arcade she frequented to visit her Ward and a select few friends. Perhaps she’d drawn in a small hoard of Nightmare Beings through the with her when she Portal-ed through. What a rookie mistake. She gave a slight shiver to snap back to the moment when it seemed that the young lady was having an issue with her Magics.

"Are you low on energy? No offense intended, but you seem to be having a stagger in that materialization effort." she noted with an air of interest. "What’s a doughnut, exactly? A food stuff, I would guess, but…"

Flip folded her hands together as though lost in thought as a set of vines peeled away from her walls and lifted her up to a high shelf. She didn’t like to fly in confined spaces, lest she knock everything over with the wind beating in her wings. A small chittering noise emitted from the plants. Talking, perhaps?

"Oh, hush. I haven’t gotten heavier, you’ve gotten lazier." the Fairy insisted in reply.

This seemed to offend the vines, and just as Flip reached the box she’d been hunting for, she was pitched off to one side and dangled by one foot in the air. She groaned irritably and floated the box to the table in front of Silver. If she were to open it, several pastries of various delicate flavors would be revealed. The vines continued to chitter angrily all the while.

"Oh, VERY mature… No. Kindly put me down… Eh? We have COMPANY! Won’t you behave?! Ahh, FINE, I’m sorry… sheesh, but you’re whiny today, ne?” Flip sighed as the vines roughly dropped her to the floor. “Apologies. The plants can be a bit dramatic, miss… I’m sorry, I’ve not heard your name yet.”

She pushed the box a little closer to the girl, as if to insist that she eat something. After a moment, she began to carve little symbols into the scrubbed wooden table. The light went briefly dim until she papped a hand over the finished drawing, and a glowing yellow bottle appeared in a burst of sweet smelling dust.

"There. Have a swig or three of that if your energy is bottomed out. It’s Gibble Juice… er, bottled laughter. Essentially a good mood in a bottle. Better for you than that coffee nonsense the Humans drink. This one was made of my Ward’s mood. Tastes a bit like buttery waffles, or at least that’s what I make of it. It’s very smooth, and helps with keeping Nightmares at bay. They can’t stand the smell of Gibble at all, really, no matter the flavor or branding. You might say it’s nearly a catch-all for problems." Flip explained brightly.