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*knock knock* On the other side of Flip's gnarled wooden door, was her ward, soaking wet under the rain that drizzled all over her glade. His lip quivering, he was so anxious to meet her again for so long, so anxious that he felt he could melt right at the spot. Yet he also felt excitement like never before. It also had been a long time since he got excited like this.

Surely it wouldn’t be the kind of greeting he might have expected. By now, her energy was so drained from the recent Super Moon combined with the constant pull from another ongoing Spell, that her color had faded to nearly grey. Still, she managed a weak smile and embraced the boy shortly… before collapsing to the ground.

The Fairy was still breathing, but she was beyond the point of exhaustion.

This is going to be difficult

"…But after the latest Super Moon, I’m entirely drained. I have no energy left to maintain the memories made by the Spell World for the royals from my age switching charms. As much as I hate to do it, I have to shut them down. Out of respect, I shall at least make it known beforehand. It has to be soon, though. I’m so exhausted that I can’t even fly anymore. Time to visit Queen Emily, I suppose."

It is very sad to me that some people are so intent on leaving their mark on the world that they don’t care if that mark is a scar.
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In Which Flip Decides To Steal Another Child ((Closed RP With Silver Fillings))



"You have nightmares EVERY night? That’s not a good sign." Flip muttered quietly, nibbling the end of one talon and casting her eyes off to one side.

The cleaning cloth shuffled itself off to the a laundry bin and fell limp as though drifting off to sleep. The Sprite shifted uncomfortably in her seat. It was a wonder that this girl could even function at all if she was tormented in her sleep without a break in the cycle. There were an awful lot of cabinets that were titled Sugar Rush in the arcade she frequented to visit her Ward and a select few friends. Perhaps she’d drawn in a small hoard of Nightmare Beings through the with her when she Portal-ed through. What a rookie mistake. She gave a slight shiver to snap back to the moment when it seemed that the young lady was having an issue with her Magics.

"Are you low on energy? No offense intended, but you seem to be having a stagger in that materialization effort." she noted with an air of interest. "What’s a doughnut, exactly? A food stuff, I would guess, but…"

Flip folded her hands together as though lost in thought as a set of vines peeled away from her walls and lifted her up to a high shelf. She didn’t like to fly in confined spaces, lest she knock everything over with the wind beating in her wings. A small chittering noise emitted from the plants. Talking, perhaps?

"Oh, hush. I haven’t gotten heavier, you’ve gotten lazier." the Fairy insisted in reply.

This seemed to offend the vines, and just as Flip reached the box she’d been hunting for, she was pitched off to one side and dangled by one foot in the air. She groaned irritably and floated the box to the table in front of Silver. If she were to open it, several pastries of various delicate flavors would be revealed. The vines continued to chitter angrily all the while.

"Oh, VERY mature… No. Kindly put me down… Eh? We have COMPANY! Won’t you behave?! Ahh, FINE, I’m sorry… sheesh, but you’re whiny today, ne?” Flip sighed as the vines roughly dropped her to the floor. “Apologies. The plants can be a bit dramatic, miss… I’m sorry, I’ve not heard your name yet.”

She pushed the box a little closer to the girl, as if to insist that she eat something. After a moment, she began to carve little symbols into the scrubbed wooden table. The light went briefly dim until she papped a hand over the finished drawing, and a glowing yellow bottle appeared in a burst of sweet smelling dust.

"There. Have a swig or three of that if your energy is bottomed out. It’s Gibble Juice… er, bottled laughter. Essentially a good mood in a bottle. Better for you than that coffee nonsense the Humans drink. This one was made of my Ward’s mood. Tastes a bit like buttery waffles, or at least that’s what I make of it. It’s very smooth, and helps with keeping Nightmares at bay. They can’t stand the smell of Gibble at all, really, no matter the flavor or branding. You might say it’s nearly a catch-all for problems." Flip explained brightly.

"Yeah, it’s a sorta dough-y thing with lots and lots of icing on top of it, and sometimes colorful sprinkles too. They’re awesome!"

{.:♫:.}Silver sighed and settled comfortably in her seat, accepting her fate of being unable to spawn a single thing in this organic world. She reached for her beverage once again and began to sit quietly, all the while watching Flip with curiosity.

Seeing the sprite harmlessly argue and struggle with her vines made the lass chuckle, as she continued to drink. Only when a small box appeared in front of her did she place her mug down and glanced at Flip again, having enough table matters not to touch it until given the okay.

Once Flip had collected herself and push the box towards her, Silver smiled and helped herself to opening it, beaming gratefully at the pile of welcoming pastries.

"Ohhhh, I never seen these before~ They look swell!"

Grabbing one the youth hungrily sank her teeth into the soft treat, humming with approval. These foreign snippets of sorts were not like anything she had in Sugar Rush, or anywhere among her travels within the digital realm. Soon Silver found herself finishing the last of her morsel and reaching for another, then another, with an occasional swig of her hot coca. She felt safe and happy, and strength returning to her, as if this little escapade was something that she needed. It was in fact.

"I’m Silfer….S-Silver…Silver Fillings.” She swallowed a mouthful, crumbles of breading sticking to her cheeks.

"Thank you, these are delicious heh." She smiled awkwardly, wiping the back of her sleeves along her crumbled clad mouth. When Flip offered another drink Silver happily accepted, being that she was out of coca.

Already the lass had put her trust in Flip, not bothering to question the odd concoction she had was just graced with.

Opening it, Silver took a few gulps and set it down, a feeling of relief coursing through her sprite. She felt the stress and trepidation lift like a weight being pulled off her shoulders. A light, harmless glitch forked down her frame, her being solidifying and stabilizing.

"Whoa…I feel…I feel good.

Maybe even for once, happy…” She uttered.

"I’ll have to seek out a doughnut at some point." Flip nodded thoughtfully, always eager to try new delicious foods. "I’m glad you like these pastries, though. I lived in a bell tower in Paris for a few decades and I spent a lot of time shadowing bakers and clock makers. I like to collect cogs and sprockets."

The washrag which had dried Silver before peeked out of a bin in the corner, almost anxious to clear the crumbs from her face, but it balked and flopped back down when Flip gave it a light warning glare. Even if the house gave her a bit of back-sass now and again, for the most part the magical items would bend to her whim.

"It takes some getting used to… seeing your person shimmer out like that. Ah! I don’t mean that offensively, of course. My Ward is from Sugar Rush, and his form does the same thing when he’s upset. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but does it hurt?" Flip inquired softly. "You don’t have to answer that if it makes you uncomfortable, I was only curious."

The Fairy leaned forward over the table and rested her chin in her hands, ears flicking to and fro like little metronomes to the rhythm of whatever music was playing in her head at the moment. They slowed ever so slightly when it became clear that happiness was a fleeting emotion for the child before her.

"Is it really that bad back home?"

In Which the Sky Creatures Collide



Though it was hardly a bother to entertain a guest of the avian variety, Flip could understand the limitations that it would put upon him. She nodded sagely and papped a hand against his foot, swarming orange sparkles over his person.

"No no. Not harmful. It takes such an awful lot of energy to use harmful Spells, after all. Take a deep breath, it helps with the falling sensation that comes with dipping in size. Or, maybe you’re used to it. Of course you are, that’s dumb. You transform into a bird… forgive me. A bit of a tangent, I suppose." she laughed, somewhat embarrassed. "Off we go."

Once the Spell had been completed to her satisfaction, the Sprite bowed low and extended an arm to show the way through the carved portal. A heavy mist snaked its way over the ground. Even though the tail of Summer was still about so far as the calender was concerned, there was a slight chill in the air which rode the winds of the oncoming storm.

"You’d think that trees wouldn’t be the best places to live when storms are concerned, but I can assure you that it’s perfectly safe. Lightning routes itself around inhabited Fairy Homes." Flip went on to explain.

Off to one side of the home, a wondrous garden could be glimpsed, filled to the brim with oddities of the magical plant variety. Glowing fruits, elemental vines, and succulent pods crowded themselves into different parts of the area, which seemed to be experiencing different seasons depending on the patch they were planted in. Many of the vines and fruits turned to face the new visitor as though they might be somewhat curious about who he was.

Flip obligingly opened one of the bottom doors to her home. It was nestled in the twisted roots, and likely would be missed should anyone walk past the tree. The core of the tree was a winding staircase, which opened out into various rooms filled with oddities and magical trinkets.

"Come along to the library. I’ll have some tea made right away."

He could only chuckle as she shrank him and made sure to explain that it was best to take a breath, only to realize he would be used to it. Even more so, he didn’t even need to breathe, atleast not the core. However his host, an animal of this realm, did need oxygen. It wouldn’t kill him to deprive the host of air, but the body would end up damaged, and fixing it took precious energy, which made it a waste to let it get that far. Aside from that, not only could he shrink into a normal dove, his true form was in fact a giant 40 feet demon bird so he could increase his size and span greatly as well. In a sense, one could say Dove was usually in a shrunken state as humanoid. A side effect was that he didn’t have full access to all the power he possessed.

Once everything was prepared, he followed after Flip through the portal, giving his eyes plenty of opportunity to look around and see what kind of things could be found, while meanwhile listening to the sprite’s words before answering: “This truly is a remarkable place… I must say it is a bit of a relief that the storm will not affect the homes of those residing in this forest. I’m not too worried for myself, I should be able to survive a lightning strike. Plenty of demons have elemental control over electricity, it wouldn’t do if such a thing killed a demon hunter, right~?” A small grin formed on his face, which faltered as his attention went back to his surroundings.

You’d think that everything appeared teeny tiny to him, however instead it all looked the perfect size, just the trees were huge and imposing, the way they towered over the sprite and currently tiny demon. But his attention didn’t even stay there for long. There was so much more to experience which he had never seen before in all his years… Like the whimsical garden full of plants and fruits appearing sentient, the way they seemed to react to him. He stared back, and then gave them a quick wave, as if acknowledging their presence.

After looking for a moment longer, he followed Flip who opened the door to her home for him. He had to admit it was well-hidden, and he wouldn’t be surprised if he had passed fairy homes in the past, simply not realizing they were there all this time. While his eyes had been keen enough to spot Flip, it could certainly be that those who were truly trying to hide would be able to conceal their aura quite well too. For now he would focus on the sprite before him however, letting her lead him to the library.

"Tea sounds quite good yes… Say, if it isn’t too much to ask, could I explore here for a while longer afterwards? There is so much to be seen, and it’d be an honor if I’m allowed to see it with my own two eyes."

It would be a moment or so before the pair made it to the aforementioned destination. Flip pondered over the idea of Dove having a look around, not entirely sure it he’d meant her home or the Forest in general. He hadn’t any kind of a hostile note in his tone, though being unable to read his Heart Signature left an awful lot up to chance. The staircase seemed to go on quite a while; longer than the tree was tall, it almost appeared.

"I suppose it could be alright for you to stick around a bit, so long as you don’t mean any harm to the creatures living here-abouts." she replied at length.

One room stood open a crack. Soft light shifted around the interior to cast unusual shapes upon the floor as they passed, and Flip found herself back-stepping a bit to push it open a bit more.

"Potions Room." the Fairy stated with a nod. "I keep a great deal more in my Storage Grotto under the tree, but it’s always convenient to have a few necessities up top, don’t you find?"

She rustled about a set of crooked shelves, carefully stepping around a large cauldron inset into the floor, until she found a twisted phial which put off a pleasant magenta glow. The walls around caught its light to reveal many hanging herbs, tacked up papers of an ancient variety, and containers of every kind stacked in precarious towers.

"This is a pleasant sort of honeysuckle raspberry combination Gibble." she explained brightly. "This will be the base for the brew, rather than water."

She bowed and gestured back to the door so they might continue up another three floors, soon wincing an apology.

"You’ll have to forgive the house. Sometimes the rooms rearrange themselves when they get bored or irritated. I have a feeling they might be cross with me because I was foolish enough to try getting the chores done while the tree was sleeping. It doesn’t like to be dusted or mopped on the BEST of days, let alone when it’s slumbering." she sighed, now throwing wide a set of giant pewter double doors.

The library sprawled large and inviting before them. The space of the home was clearly enchanted to be able to display such an area. It was several levels high and opened up quite wide. Several overstuffed chairs peppered the floor, accompanied by ottomans and floating tables, seemingly eager to be put to use.

Flip pulled one of them close and carved a small symbol into the wood with a talon. She papped her hand down on the surface when it was completed and spawned a delicate black and purple teapot. She lifted it and set a flame in one hand while the other poured the bottle of Gibble into the top. Once it had heated to a boil, the Sprite sprinkled several tea leaves from a nearby box into a sift and lowered it into the liquid.

"Have a seat, hm?" she offered.

Rain began to patter against a large window as Flip poured the cups and passed one to her guest. Surely it was invisible from the outside, but the view was pleasant enough. One could see a great deal of the lush landscape from here.

"Will you tell me more about your adventures?"




"Hi, sorry, ‘scuse me- I think this is yours?" In the palm of Clopin’s hand rests a cell phone. "I am pretty sure you are the one who dropped it, anyway. Am I right?"

The Fairy blinked in surprise and pointed a talon at her own face.

"That’s not my talking box, I’m afraid. It’s almost as big as I am~"


“Oh! Heh,” Clopin eyed the little lady curiously. “Sorry, I guess it is a bit big for you huh? Only, there’s no one else nearby now, and I swear I didn’t see this when I was sweeping a minute ago.” He gestured towards his broom, leaned up against the glass wall of the coffee shop. “Where could it have come from, you think? Where did YOU come from, for that matter?” The words came out before he could think them through, leaving him embarrassed.

"I mean- sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but- we don’t see many fairies here in the city. Not enough nature… there’s a whole band of them in Central Park but I’ve never seen them anywhere else. Sorry, I know that was really tactless-!" He ruffled his hair and huffed a laugh.

At first, the Sprite was taken aback. Where did you come from seemed awfully close to why are you here? But it was true enough that the Fairy Folk tended to keep their distance from the hustle and bustle of heavily populated areas like the main city. She shrugged lightly and brushed a bit of errant Fairy Dust away from her clothes. It would vanish, of course, before re-messing the freshly swept floor.

"No worries, ah? I was visiting the big park for the first time, actually and I noticed an aroma I’d never smelled before…" she began.

A nearby table played host to a collection of half empty coffee cups. She stepped carefully over the rings of run-off beverages, wrapped her little arms around the base of one, and fluttered back up to the fellow who’d addressed her.

"THIS smell. A Human in the park was drinking one with this mark on it." the little woman explained with a nod to the cup’s logo. "I asked him where I might find one of these potions, but all he did was scream and throw… oh. That talking box, yes. The one you found. I suppose it followed me when I vanished away. I guess it can be your talking box now? I’ll trade you for a thimble of that drink!”